The Moonsoon | A Rainy Day Essay for 10th Class

A Rainy Day Essay

Rains are very common in Pakistan during the monsoon. It was close on the 20th of July, the earth seemed to be burning Everybody perspired from head to toe. The sky became overcast with the clouds. The sky became red. The wind was becoming faster and faster.

Then there came a very powerful puff of air. This puff of air was full of dust. Nothing was visible. Soon there was a gale. Complete darkness fell over the entire area. The roofs of the huts were blown away.

In the meantime, the thunder was heard. Soon it started raining. After some time, the dust in the atmosphere settled down. Water poured down the spouts. It began to flow like a stream through every street. Boys began to run about from lane to lane. The rain stopped after an hour.

The weather became very pleasant. A rainbow appeared in the sky. The leaves of the trees began to glitter. Nature looked very beautiful. Some old houses were demolished. But the change in the weather was welcomed. At certain places, the road was blocked by water. Despite all that, it was a day of merry-making because of the beautiful weather. 

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