A Scene at Railway Station Essay for 10th Class

A Scene at Railway Station Essay

The scene before the arrival of the train at a big station is very interesting. There is a crowd of people in the waiting hall. The passengers make a queue to have a ticket before the booking office. All the benches in the waiting hall are occupied.

Some passengers sit on the floor. There is a great rush of people on the platform. Men, women and children are waiting for the train. The bell rings and the signal becomes down. The engine is in sight. The train arrives at the platform. There is hustle and bustle.

Many passengers get down and more get on. Everyman is trying to find a room in the compartment. The vendors are selling meals, sweets, tea and cold drinks. They are crying at the top of their voices. The railway staff is coming here and there in a hurry. The porters wearing their red shirts are carrying luggage.

A hawker is selling newspapers, magazines and fiction. The passengers who have alighted from the train are going outside. The guard whistles and waves his green flag. The engine, whistles and the train starts moving. The people whose relatives have left feel sad. They leave the platform. Such a sight can be seen on railway stations daily. 

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