10 Lines on Save Trees Essay in English

10 Lines on Save Trees

  1. Trees are the backbone of our planet.
  2. These are the valuable assets that keep our planet healthy.
  3. Trees play an important role in our existence
  4. They get carbon dioxide from the environment and provide us with fresh oxygen to breathe.
  5. Humans and herbivores rely heavily on trees. They are a source of food, fruits and vegetables,
  6. We get medicine, wood, lumber, rubber, fiber, rubber and many other things from trees,
  7. Trees fight against water pollution and prevent soil erosion.
  8. They prevent pollutants from entering water sources.
  9. The only way we can defend ourselves against global warming and environmental pollution is to protect and plant trees.
  10. Acting to save trees is not what we would actually do to save them but to protect our lives. Save the trees, save the lives!

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