Water Scarcity Essay for Students in English

Water Scarcity Essay

Water is essential for all living things. Especially for humans because 70% of the human body is made up of water, if we see our daily activities, our every action depends on water. If there is water scarcity for a day, we all feel lifeless. Not only humans, animals and plants other living beings also need water for their existence on earth. Despite the fact that we are surrounded by an abundance of water on Earth, we still only have 1% of it for drinking. So it is important that we save water and stay away from its waste.

Causes of Water Scarcity:
In our country, poor water management and population growth are the two main reasons for the scarcity of drinking water. There is also a large number of human-made changes that continue to increase. Apart from this, some of the reasons for water scarcity are:

Lack of Water Management and Distribution System:
Urban areas require efficient water management and distribution systems. The government also needs to improve its technology and investment in water treatment. Also, optimization should be ensured at the planning level.

Population Growth:
A growing population also needs food and water to survive. Therefore, uncontrolled use of water has also increased. Sources of clean water are very less compared to the population and this is a major cause of water scarcity.

Dumping waste:
Most of the industries are established on the banks of rivers. Rivers are the main source of clean water in our country. These industries dump their waste into the river, not only industries but also human waste. As a result, they become contaminated and unhealthy for us to drink.

Plants not only give us oxygen but also provide us with food and are responsible for adequate rainfall. They play a very important role and it has been found that rainfall is better in vegetated areas than in areas with fewer trees. When the rains are fixed, there is no shortage of water.

Depletion of groundwater:
Due to the increase in population and excessive withdrawal of groundwater from many water bodies like wells, lakes, etc, their number is decreasing day by day. Earlier it was seen in urban areas but nowadays even villages are suffering from the problem.

Solutions to overcome Water Scarcity:
Our government has made several schemes for water conservation, some of which are mentioned below.

Interconnection of rivers: There are some rivers on the plateau which dry up in summer, hence the inhabitants face water scarcity. So projects have been made to interlink rivers and prevent them from drying up, which also solves the problem of water scarcity in certain areas during summer.

Water ATMs: These ATMs are optimized in such a way that they do not allow excess water to fall. They help reduce water waste, especially in train stations and public areas.

Rainwater Reservoirs: These water basins help in groundwater recharge and are also very useful in agriculture.

It is not only the government’s job to implement these types of policies, but we should also follow these important measures and not waste water. You have to use it when needed or turn off the faucet and focus on saving water. Otherwise, the day will soon come when we will have to keep water in the locker of our society.

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