Selling Tobacco Should be Banned Essay

Selling Tobacco Should be Banned Essay

Thousands of people around us use tobacco and do smoking. Tobacco and cigarettes are easily available everywhere in the market due to the lack of strict regulations. Tobacco is slowly destroying the world, especially the youngster. They use cigarettes and other tobacco-made things as fashion.

Tobacco is also the most dangerous environmental pollutant. That is why tobacco causes so many deaths. More people die each year from tobacco use or smoking than from traffic accidents. Lung cancer is the biggest example of tobacco use and smoking. So Selling Tobacco Should be Banned.

The simple smoke from cigarettes is actually much more complicated than it sounds. Tobacco use causes many diseases. Today children also use tobacco which is dangerous for the country. Let our government get rid of tobacco.

Even though people know very well about the danger of tobacco but they still use it regularly. Tobacco smoke will eventually kill them or cause permanent damage to their bodies. Because it contains highly addictive and toxic substances like nicotine. That’s why tobacco should be banned.

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