Self Respect Essay in English for Students

Self Respect Essay

The most important of the virtues of self-confidence is self respect. Your whole character and behavior depend first and foremost on the judgment you have about yourself.

The self-confident and fearless man wins the great battle of life. Coverage, perseverance, cheerfulness: almost all virtues are found in a person who respects himself. All other virtues emanate from self-respect.

On the other hand, all the other evils of self-decline have never been done well by traitors and comrades in the history of the world. A brave enemy deserves more consideration than a cowardly comrade.

How can one who does not respect himself be brave? Not bowing to the enemy has been a characteristic of men with great self-confidence. They prefer to die rather than surrender to their enemies.

A true hero is no more afraid of death than slavery and chains. Humility is incompatible with self-respect and this is what every young person should strive for.

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