My Role Model Essay in English for Students

My Role Model Essay

Every human being has a role model in life. A role model is what we see, respect and aspire to be. It could be at home or anywhere you have met or seen at some point in your life. Their good qualities make you want to be like them.

My role model is my mother. My mother is what I see. I always wonder how she manages to put all the work together so wonderfully and does everything neatly and on time. She is a working mother and manages the house well. She does her office work and comes home on time, cooks delicious food for us every day, does all the housework herself, and makes sure all payments are on time.

She wakes up early in the morning and makes us good food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She makes sandwiches for us to take to school, then goes to work and does her office work and does her office work so easily.

Coming home at night, she plays with us, finishes his work in the kitchen, forces us to study our daily homework, and finally tells us bedtime stories. She also pursues hobbies, including reading, cooking and photography. She makes sure to make time for them all.

In addition to this, she spent time with the whole family and also with the parents. She makes sure that everyone’s needs are met and well cared for and that no one is left unattended. It really amazes me how much effort she put into making sure everything is fine and everything is in place.

I admire her and want to be like her. A very strong woman, with a lot of morals and values ​​and with a lot of positive energy that will give a person energy for the whole day. Having a mother like her is a blessing and I would like to be like her one day and teach my children how precious someone can be in life.

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