My Favourite Animal Dog Essay in English

My Favourite Animal Dog Essay

Animals are an important part of nature. My favorite animal is my favorite dog. The four-legged, right eye and a strong sense of smell set them apart from other animals. He is strong and very loving and loyal to his master.

The saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” is true because he is very loyal. They are also very intelligent creatures. They protect us from strangers if they try to enter our house, they bark so loudly to wake people up. There are more than 150 breeds of dogs.

They have a strong sense of smell so they only eat food that smells good. It is also surprising to know that an adult dog has 42 teeth. The most important fact is that dogs are considered to be the offspring of valves. The dog is an honest animal.

Therefore, it is used for care, crime investigation, and companionship. So we see pet dogs in people’s homes. I also have a dog in my house and his name is Tommy. Tommy protects our home when our whole family goes out.

Tommy is at home so we’re safe with the idea that the house is safe. I enjoy spending time with Tommy. It makes me forget all my stress and worries. My friendship with him has become so strong that he always follows me. He plays with me every evening when I get home from school.

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