Essay on Mobile Phone in English for Students

Essay on Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are also often called cellular phones. This is a device that is mainly used for voice calls. Mobile phones are available in different shapes and sizes and have different technical features and are used for many purposes such as voice calling, video chatting, text messaging or SMS, multimedia messaging, internet browsing, email, Video games and photography. That is why it is called a smartphone. Like every device, the mobile phone has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Mobile Phone

We can contact our friends and relatives at any time. Anyone can review the live traffic situation on a mobile phone and make the right decision to arrive on time. We can also get weather updates. With the advancement of mobile technology, the whole world of entertainment is now under one roof. It is used for a variety of government purposes. It is used as a wallet for payments.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

Now people are used to mobile. The widespread use of mobile phones has resulted in less meat and more talk. As the usefulness of mobiles increased, so did their value. People spend money to buy smartphones.


Mobile phones can be both positive and negative. Depending on how the user uses it. Since mobile has become a part of our lives, we must use them properly.

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