Essay on Doctor in English for Students

Essay on Doctor

A doctor is the one who helps keep human health healthy. Doctors help patients get rid of their pain. Doctors play a very important role in human life. We can say that the doctor is the incarnation of God. We celebrate National Doctors’ Day on July 1 so that doctors and physicians can be thanked for their dedicated services to patients.

Becoming a doctor is not an easy task. In terms of education, getting a degree with good knowledge and marks is a very challenging part. The journey of a doctor’s life is not as easy as that of a common man. They do not have a fixed lifestyle such as five working days or just 8 hours time slot etc. They must be available at any time of an emergency. There will be any kind of emergency whether it is an accident, unbearable pain in an organ, or any other cause related to the patient.

A doctor should be calm and help the patient. Doctors establish friendly relations with patients to make them comfortable. Doctors need to be constantly vigilant in their duties. Doctors cannot afford any mistake, because one mistake can kill a patient.

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