Environmental Pollution Essay in English for Students

Essay on Environmental Pollution

Everything around us is our environment. It includes all living and non-living things around us. Environmental pollution is one of the major problems affecting biodiversity, ecosystems and human health worldwide by polluting soil, air and water. Whenever any kind of toxic material enters our environment for a very long time, it causes environmental pollution.

Types of Environmental Pollution:

There are different types of environmental pollution that greatly affect the environment, which destroys the ecosystem and the biodiversity of the environment.The list of environmental pollutants is:

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Soil pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Radioactive pollution
  • Thermal pollution

Causes of Environmental Pollution:

It is mostly the human race that is causing the most pollution in the environment in various ways. Deforestation, like deforestation, is a major cause of pollution. Burning of fossil fuels, gas from motor vehicles, factory smoke, industrial waste, plastic bags, sewage from cities and towns and garbage are increasing the rate of environmental pollution.

In addition, overpopulation is a major cause of environmental pollution. Further, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase soil fertility or to kill pests can lead to soil contamination.

Environmental Pollution Preventive Measures:

We need to think seriously about reducing pollution. We have to stop deforestation and plant as many trees as possible. Wastewater sources must be stopped to prevent water pollution. There is a need to promote organic farming in agriculture. Use the principles of reuse, reduction and recycling to save the environment. Noise pollution can be reduced through better vehicle design and proper maintenance.


It is not just the responsibility of an individual but the responsibility of every individual to take steps to save the environment. It is true that in this environment everything is interconnected. When one thing becomes contaminated, other parts are also affected. In this way, one day the whole regulation of natural beauty ends. Therefore, we must take all possible measures to control environmental pollution.

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