Earthquake Essay for Students in English

Earthquake Essay

Earthquakes are natural disasters that wreak havoc on a large scale and there is no way to prevent them from happening. Our planet has been affected by many powerful earthquakes of varying magnitude.

Many innocent lives were lost and the property was severely damaged. Earthquakes need disaster management because they cause massive and ongoing damage around the world.

An earthquake can cause a fire. This is because earthquakes damage power and gas lines, making them extremely difficult to control after a fire.
Earthquakes can also cause a notorious tsunami. A tsunami is a long wave. These tidal waves are caused by the sudden or abrupt movement of large amounts of water. This is because of the earthquake in the sea. Above all, a tsunami can travel at a speed of 600-800 kilometers per hour. This tsunami could be catastrophic if it hits the coast.

After all, earthquakes are great and terrible events on earth. It shows the weakness of man towards nature. This is a big event that will surely surprise everyone. The above earthquake lasts only a few seconds but can cause unimaginable damage.

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