Essay on Discipline in English

Discipline Essay

Discipline is a very sensitive thing everywhere. Discipline means self-control and obedience. Rules and laws have been made for the functions of family, institutions, society and country. Obeying them is discipline. Respecting elders and superiors is also a discipline. It matters a lot to everyone everywhere.

Discipline is important wherever we are. Be it schools or offices, battlefields or playgrounds, discipline is essential. Without discipline, no organization can function well. The absence of discipline leads to chaos, fighting and disorder. Discipline brings peace and order. It promote unity and cooperation.

Discipline is applied in all fields. We should observe discipline at home. We should obey our elders at home. Home is the first school of discipline. If there is a discipline in the home, the family will grow a lot.

We see the importance of discipline in school. It is the discipline that helps the principal to organize the work in the school and make the teaching process work well. Discipline is very important in the army. Soldiers follow the general’s orders without question.

Similarly, as long as subordinates obey their superiors in a factory, production is good. Discipline is a necessary and noble quality. Therefore, everyone should show discipline wherever they are.

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