Boy Scouts Essay in English

Boy Scouts Essay

The boy scouts movement was founded by Lord Baden Powel in 1910. He thought that the students in the cities of England are pale and sickly. He wanted to develop the capacities of the young people. He organized the Boy Scouts movement. After the First World War, this movement became very popular. The scouts wear a khaki uniform and a scarf around their neck. They also carry a knife with them. A scout has to take an oath.

He holds fast to his noble promise under all circumstances. He fulfills his duty to Allah Almighty, to his country and to the people in distress. He has a keen sense of loyalty to humans and moral values The scouts are taught swimming climbing trees and trying different kinds of knots. Some of them can tie one hundred different kinds of knots. They go out in the country and live in tents. They cook their own meals and do everything with their own hands.

In camps, they learn how to lead a rough and tough life. They use gadgets. The scouts put their pots and pans on them. They sleep on the floor in tents. At night they have a campfire. All the scouts gather in the form of a circle in an open space. Fire is burnt in the middle. The scouts sing a song. They imitate the cries of birds and animals. The scouts’ patrols are known after the birds and animals.

The campfires are very interesting. The boy scouts have the qualities of leadership. They are firm and noble in command. Social service is their main purpose. At the time of religious festivals and big fairs, they control the traffic. They help to restore the lost children to their parents. This training builds up the character of the boys. A sense of sacrifice is developed in them. In the days of the war, floods and other natural calamities, they are of great service to their country: 

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