Rainy Season Essay in English for Students

Rainy Season Essay

There are many seasons in our country but my favorite season is the rainy season. I think this is the best of the four seasons. It is also an important season. It starts in July or after the summer season. Summer days are very hot and everyone gets restless due to the high heat. Everyone wears it with enthusiasm in the rainy season. When it rains, it gives us comfort and happiness.

The rainy season is very important for farmers. In the rainy season, plants, trees, crops and grass grow fast. Everything around us turned green and looked very attractive. Rain brings new life to nature. Everything looks fresh after the rain.

We can enjoy fresh mangoes during the season. People make a lot of dishes to enjoy the rain. Many people plan vacation trips and adventures during the season. There are also some ups and downs of the season. When it rains a lot, it can cause flooding. Too much rain can damage crops. In the rainy season, all the roads are covered with mud.

Many viruses and bacteria spread infectious diseases during the rainy season.
Despite all this, rain has its own significance. Rain is essential for all living things. We cannot live without it.

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