Railway Station Essay in English for Students

Railway Station Essay in English

A railway station is a place where trains stop, load and board all passengers and goods. It can be generalized as a small waiting area where people are waiting for their concerns about the train to depart or arrive. Usually, a railway station also has small shops, banks and waiting rooms. When the word “railroad station” comes to mind, an image comes to mind of a place with constant train whistles, announcements and chaos everywhere.

Railway stations are full of different types of people. Shopkeepers and street vendors can be seen shouting and selling various items for food and drink. Train stations are important places for people to move from one place to another as well as waiting for guests. There are counters to reserve tickets for specific locations.

Railway Stations usually have a book stand, as many people like to read while traveling. Railway stations also have Station Master and Inquiry Offices. They also have a police station to control criminal activities. They are called Railway Police.

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