My Hobby (Gardening) Essay in English

My Hobby (Gardening) Essay

The work that we do in our spare time for the sake of pleasure is called a hobby. It is not a profession. Everybody has his own hobby according to his taste. Some are fond of reading books, stamp collecting, coins collecting, photography, painting and traveling.

Gardening is my hobby. It is a cheap and useful hobby. There is a small plot in front of my house. I sow seeds of different flowers in it. I water the plot daily. After some days tiny plants begin to peep outside. I remove all the weeds and grass. After a few days, the flower buds are ready to open their mouths.

After a day or so I find myself in the company of colorful flowers. I enjoy the sweet fragrance of these beautiful flowers. I look after the plants very carefully. Whenever I get tired, I go and sit in the company of these pretty flowers. I make garlands and nosegays from the flowers and decorate my drawing-room.

I sit in my small garden and study too. This hobby is a source of pleasure for me. It refreshes my mind and removes my worries and sorrows. Greenery is a great blessing of God. I give some flowers as a gift to my friends. They appreciate my hobby. I am proud of my hobby. 

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