My Favourite Teacher Essay in English

My Favourite Teacher Essay

There are 15 teachers in my school. All of them are very intelligent, energetic, and cooperative. But my favorite teacher among them is Saira Rana. She is 25 years old energetic lady.

She is tall and beautiful. She is always smiling. She is an English teacher. She teaches us English subjects. She is polite and friendly. She teaches us nicely. My friends also like her.
She enters our classroom with a cheerful face.

She wants us to pay full attention to our studies. She teaches the lesson in a simple way. If I fail to understand, I repeatedly ask her. She tries her best to make us understand what the lesson means.

She regularly checks our homework. She tells us to keep our books and copies clean. Every Friday, she revises the previous lessons. Sometimes, she takes a surprise test. It makes us more easily.

She never discriminates the weak students from the talented students. She always encourages the weak students. She also tells us jokes and stories.
Hence, my favourite teacher is Manisha Rana. She loves all students. I like her. I respect her. Same do the other students.

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