My Dream Essay in English for Students

My Dream Essay

Everybody dreams of being or doing something in his life. We go to school to prepare ourselves for doing something in the future. Some of my friends dream of being doctors and engineers.

I also have my dreams. I dream of becoming a doctor when I grow up. When I look around, I see many children and people suffering from so many diseases. Many of them are poor and hardly have any money to pay the doctor’s fee to buy medicines.

They have to suffer with no one to help them. Old people and children are the worst sufferers and they are the ones who fall ill and sometimes die as they are not that strong.
People and villages have never seen a proper, qualified doctor.

They visit their villages Doctor Who is unable to help them in the correct way. This results in a number of deaths. I feel sad when I see or read about such things.

Looking at all the sad conditions around me, I have decided to try and help such people live better lives. As a good citizen, it is my duty to help those less fortunate than me. Of course, I must earn a living but the rich patients will pay me enough so it will not be necessary to make money from the poor.

In order to make my dreams become a reality one day, I have to study hard and do well. Then only I can help those who are less fortunate in life.

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