Mother Teresa Essay for Students in Englis

Mother Teresa Essay

Mother Teresa was born on 27th August 1910 in Albania. She became a run at the age of 18 and was dedicated to helping the needy people of the world. Mother Teresa as a humanitarian personality helped the helpless of the world in multiple ways.

At the age of 18, she dedicated herself to being a run and went to the sisters of Loretto. After about a year in Ireland, she lives in the Indian city of Darjeeling to join Loreto Convent. Then she started teaching at Saint Mary’s High School and spent 17 years there.

In 1964 decided to open a school in the slum of Kolkata in order to serve the poor people there. She founded the Missionaries of Charity to the needy people. To identify with the poor she chooses to wear a plain white sari with a blue border and a simple cross pin on the shoulder.

Her mission was to care for the hungry and all those who were unwanted, unloved and uncared. She continued opening houses all over India caring for the poor, washing their hands, soring their swords and making them feel dignified.

Mother Teresa’s work spread all over the world when pope Paul VI granted her request to expand her mission globally. She continued helping needy people and different countries. She was awarded by Padma Shri prize in 1962, the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, and so on.

When she was awarded by the Nobel Peace Prize, she wore the same sari and convinced the committee to cancel dinner in her house in order to use the money to feed 400 poor children for a year in India. Then her name rapidly spread all over the world. She died at the age of 87.

To conclude we can claim that Mother Teresa is one of the most respected souls in the world because she significantly helped the needy people of the world irrespective of nationality.

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