Laughter is the Best Medicine Essay for Students in English

Laughter is the Best Medicine Essay

One of the best things in the world that also makes your life happier is laughter. It is truly one of the best medicines in the world. Also, be it a smile or a light laugh, laughter changes the atmosphere and mood of the environment completely. it makes you feel good and everyone around you will also feel the positive vibes.

Laughter is the best medicine that teaches us the importance and benefits of laughter in our daily life. Laughter acts as a powerful antidote to pain, stress and conflict. There is nothing that works faster to restore balance to the mind and body than a good laugh. Additionally, humor lightens your load, connects you to others, and centers you.

Therefore, laughter has great power to rejuvenate and heal the mind and body. Also, the ability to laugh often is a great way to overcome problems. It promotes both emotional and physical health. Extra laughter also improves your relationship.

A good laugh every day relieves a person from mental stress and physical stress. Thus, the muscles relax even after a good 45 minutes of laughter. Laughter boosts the body’s immune cells and reduces stress hormones. In addition, it fights antibodies that fight infection. Thus, it helps in improving a person’s resistance to disease. Laughter increases the blood in the body and the function of the blood vessels. Therefore, it can help protect a person from heart attack.

Also, laughter helps you feel good. The good feeling you get while laughing lasts even after you stop laughing. Therefore, laughter helps you with a positive outlook in difficult times. A little time or laughter can do you the world of good.

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