Essay on Farmer in English for Students

Essay on Farmer

The farmer has been one of the most useful people since the beginning of civilization. We all depend on agriculture to meet our food needs. We get food because the farmer grows crops and engages in agricultural activities. However, they feed all humanity.

Their living conditions are not satisfactory. The life of a farmer is very difficult. He works hard day and night in all seasons. In December, he works in the hot sun. It gets wet when plowing in the field in winter. During the winter, he works hard despite the cold and boring weather.

Much of a farmer’s life depends on the forces of nature. An adequate monsoon is required for agriculture. If the rains are adequate, agricultural production will be good. However, insufficient rainfall and prolonged water shortages can lead to drought conditions. As a result, agriculture can be adversely affected and severe food shortages can take families down.

The farmer earns money by selling his crop. He is happy when the harvest is good. But if the crops fail, their life becomes measurable. Even if there is a dramatic increase in the production of uniform leaves everywhere, the farmer still suffers. In these cases, the selling price of the crop falls and the excess money is lost.

Most farmers in our country are illiterate. They do not know how to read or write. Because they are illiterate, and unaware of their legitimate rights. They are often deceived by creditors. They have little education and awareness of the benefits of maintaining a good hygienic environment.

Most farmers are not aware that drinking contaminated water can lead to health problems. In addition, the sewage system in our towns is inadequate. There are few medical facilities or trained nurses and doctors in rural areas.

Most farmers are simple, hardworking, sincere and honest people. They are always at the mercy of nature and God. The government has introduced several schemes for the benefit of farmers. Let’s hope that these benefits will actually reach the farmers.

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