Blood Donation Essay For Students in Simple and Easy Words

Blood Donation Essay

A human cannot survive without blood. Research work is going on all over the world to find a suitable substitute for blood. Artificial blood is also a topic of research for researchers. But until the blood can be replaced with artificial blood or a suitable substitute can be made, blood donation is very important. Patients undergoing surgery require a lot of blood. So donating blood is very important.

June 14 is celebrated as Blood Donation Day worldwide. People from all over the world devote themselves to spreading the word about this life-saving practice. Many blood donation camps are organized on this day and millions of people across the world actively participate in this program.

Also, donating blood rejuvenates our body as fresh blood is produced after donating blood which refreshes our body system. WHO organizes a campaign in which people aged 17 to 66 years and weighing more than 50 kg are invited to donate their blood.

There are blood banks where people can store their blood and the stored blood is used during any medical emergency. People with rare blood groups are advised to store their blood in blood banks for future use. Knowing the blood group is very important. Blood is divided into four groups.

A, B, AB, and O are the four blood groups. These are divided into positive and negative groups. People belonging to group “O” are called universal donors. Anyone can accept their blood. People who have an ‘AB’ blood group are called universal recipients. They can accept any blood group.

When a person’s blood enters a patient’s body, the patient may refuse to accept the blood if it is not suitable for their body.

Therefore, caution should be exercised with the administration of blood into the patient’s body. Also, it is important to ensure that the infused blood is free of any germs or toxins. Once the blood enters the body, it should not have any adverse reactions. A blood test is required before use. Otherwise, blood can be transferred directly from the body of a healthy person to a sick person.

Awareness about the need for blood donation is spreading across the country. Blood donation camps are also organized at different times of the year to collect the necessary blood. But the amount of blood collected is not enough to meet the total blood demand.

In fact, many healthy people give up donating blood. In many cases, it has been found that adequate preservation systems are not in place to store blood under in-use conditions. Therefore, the amount of collected blood is often wasted.

It has also been observed that in the blood donation camps, the person is not properly examined before the blood is drawn. So the sick also donate blood. This blood is extremely harmful. Therefore, administrators should strictly verify the health status of a blood donor before allowing him to donate blood. All blood banks must store blood carefully.

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