A Visit to a Hill Station Essay in English- Very Easy to Remember

A Visit to a Hill Station Essay

In the summer the plains are very warm. Everybody feels restless. Electric fans, A.Cs and cold drinks are used to minimize the tortures of scorching heat. After 10. a.m it is troublesome to go out in the sun.

During the summer vacation, I made up my mind to visit a hill station. Two of my class fellows also agreed to accompany me. We got our seats booked in the Chenab Express. On the 9th of July, we left by train for Rawalpindi. We caught a bus and reached Murree at 11. a.m. The bus covered the distance of thirty-six miles in two hours.

The bus wound its way on the zigzag road very slowly. The cool atmosphere and green hills presented a charming scene. The air of high mountains put a new life into our bodies. Flowers were blooming and the whole area was full of a sweet smell.

We hired a suite in a hotel. We were tired and decided to take complete rest. We got up early in the morning. We took our breakfast and made a program to visit places of interest in the neighborhood. We went to see the suburbs of Murree. In the evening we used to go for a stroll in the Mall.

There were dozens of fashionable men and ladies walking along the road. The young people were talking and laughing in a carefree mood. We stayed at Murree for two weeks. We came back to Faisalabad. We have stored in our minds the calmness, beauty and pleasantness of Murree. It was a memorable trip that I always love to do again. 

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