A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Story

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Story

It is often said, ” A Stitch in Time Save Nine”. It means, that if you do a small task at the right time then you won’t need to do a big task at the wrong time. One day, A king called his royal messenger and asked him to give an important message to his army on the battlefield. The messenger was asked to deliver immediately.

He was loyal but reckless by temperament. He immediately agreed to go on his journey. On his way out, he noticed that a nail was missing from his horse’s shoe, he quickly ignored it and left immediately.

He made his horse gallop. When he had covered half the distance, he realized that the horse was lame. He got off his horse to see the problem. In his grief, he found that the horse’s shoe had come off. He was feeling very helpless. In a state of embarrassment, he made the horse run faster.

After some time, the horse was even unable to walk normally. The messenger started running away. He finally reached the battlefield, but it was too late to deliver the message. The king’s army was defeated due to the non-delivery of the message at right time. He cursed himself for not being mindful of the nail, but it was too late to mend it.

A stitch in time saves nine.

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