A Hockey Match Essay – Very Easy by Pakilminfo

A Hockey Match Essay

Sports are as important in our life as education. These are necessary for our physical growth and health. Hockey is our national game. Pakistan has won many honors in this game. We are proud of our great hockey players. I have seen many matches but the match which I am going to describe was a memorable one. I can never forget it.

Last Sunday it was played between our school eleven and Muslim High school eleven. It was played in our school playground. It was a very interesting match. The match started at 9. a.m. Both the teams entered the playground wearing their colorful uniforms. They were loudly cheered by the crowd. Mr. Sajjad and Irshad Abbasi supervised the match.

During the first half, no goal was scored by any team. Our forwards kept the ball in their possession. They earned four penalty corners but to no avail. The other team also earned two penalty corners but to no avail. During the second half, the Muslim High School eleven scored a goal. Our team made a passionate attack. Our captain with a lucky scoop in the “D” put the ball into the net.

Both the teams were equal now. Every player was playing with zeal. Our center forward made a rush and scored a goal. We cheered our team. Our opponents did not lose heart. The game became very exciting. Our team won the match by one goal. This victory brought honor and glory to our school. We greatly applauded our players and praised the fight of the opposite team as well. It was a memorable hockey match. 

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